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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

4 Tips for Getting More People 

to See Your Direct Mail

Direct mail is naturally advantageous when getting people to notice your business. 

85% of consumers open their direct mail, and 62% act after receiving direct mail, according to a recent report. However, your business can take action to increase further the number of people opening your direct mail. 

1. Use a Call to Action in Your Direct Mail 

The best call to action, or CTA, follows the format “Do something simple, get something great.” 

In this scenario: 

  • Do something simple = open the envelope.
  • Get something great = receive a credit card, special discount, or a gift or sample.

Creating a sense of scarcity works exceptionally well when prompting people to act. For example, try advertising a limited-time offer or a special discount while supplies last. Fear of missing out or not being enough gets the customer to act soon. However, don’t create a false sense of scarcity.  

2. Send Your Direct Mail in a Unique Envelope 

The envelope is the first thing people see when they take the mail out of the mailbox. 

Whether to open your mail or not relies heavily on the impression the envelope provides. 

Get your envelope to stand out and generate curiosity by switching up the characteristics of the envelope like… 

  • Size. Larger envelopes stand out but can be more costly. Smaller envelopes create a sense of casual and friendly correspondence.
  • Style. Use a color that catches the target audience’s attention, such as silver, gold, neon, or bold colors. Try changing the texture by using a matte or a glossy finish.
  • Font. Using a handwritten style font will make your envelope seem more personal.
  • Format. Including a see-through window lets your business prominently display products or enticing offers. 

Switching up the standard white 4 ⅛” by 9 ½” envelope will make potential customers more likely to open the envelope. 

3. Personalize Your Direct Mail Marketing 

If the direct mail recipient feels that the mail is truly meant for them, they will be more likely to open it. 

Research your target audience so you can better personalize your direct mail. Create target market subgroups based on their interests, potential questions, geographic area, and products or services most interesting to them. 

Often, businesses will have better luck advertising to their local target market because there’s a greater desire among consumers to support local businesses as opposed to non-local ones. 70% of consumers support local businesses because they want to keep money local, connect with the community, support local creators, and have better service. 

4. Track Direct Mail Statistics 

Finding out what methods work for you and what don’t will help you generate a higher return on investment or ROI. 

Track cost per 1000 impressions (CPM), open rates, response rates, and conversions. Impressions are the number of people who see your direct mail, and conversions are the number of recipients who follow your call to action. 

Remember that those who have interacted with your business are more likely to engage again. Also, sometimes it takes multiple direct mail deliveries before the customer acts. 

Once you find a high ROI strategy, scale up your marketing. 

We’re here to help you stand out to potential customers through direct mail. From the design to the mailing itself, we’ve got you covered! For More Information Call 516-561-1468 or Visit Our Website at:


Thursday, January 26, 2023

Your Comprehensive Guide 

to Choosing the Right Banner Size

In the world of display advertising and print banners, the first and most important thing you need to know is standard banner sizes. It plays a vital role in attracting interest in your ads and driving customer engagement. Right size banners are also an excellent way to communicate with your clients while maintaining specific messaging and required brand standards.

Questions to Ask When Determining Right Banner Size

  • What will your banner be used for?
  • For instance, will it be used to make your space attractive, grab people’s attention, or simply announce something important? What you will be using the banner for exactly will be the key factor in determining the right banner size.

  • The area where the banner will be placed?
  • For instance, will it be placed indoors or outdoors? What area will be optimal enough for people to see your banner? Where and how do you want to display it for best results? 

    Answering these questions helps you determine the necessary size of your banner. If you plan to hang the banner on the front of your building, determining accurate measurements of the space will help for the best positioning.

    Most Commonly Used Banner Sizes

  • Banners come in a wide variety of sizes, and there is no one-size-fits-all option. The below table shows a few of the most common banner sizes to give you a sense of what dimensions you might want to go for.

                             S                                      S/M              M/L L

2 Feet3 feet4 feet5 feet
2’ x 4’ 

(24” x 48” Inches) 

3’ x 6’ 

(36” x 72” Inches) 


(48” x 72” Inches) 


(60” x 72” Inches) 

2’ x 6’

(24” x 72” Inches)

3’ x 8’  

(36” x 96” Inches)


(48” x 96”inches) 


(60” x 96” Inches

2’ x 8’ 

(24” x 96” Inches)

3’ x 9’

(36” x 108” Inches)


(48” x 120” (Inches)


(60” x 120” Inches

2’ x 12’   

(24” x 144” Inches)

3’ x 12’ 

(36” x 144” Inches)


(48” x 144” (Inches)


(60” x 144” Inches


2’ x 16’ 

(24” x 192” Inches)

3’ x 16’ 

(36” x 192” Inches)


(48” x 192” (Inches)


(60” x 192” Inches

2’ x 20’ 

(24” x 240” Inches)

3’ x 20’  

(36” x 240” Inches


(48” x 240” (Inches)


(60” x 240” Inches

 To understand banner sizing better, let’s discuss these in more detail.

  • Small size banners (2 to 3 feet)
  • This size is often great for either small spaces or as supporting signs due to their limited sizing and visibility. For instance, you can use them in yards, pop-up tents, in-store, or other small spaces.

    Apart from offering precise information, small banners are perfect for adding a certain visual appeal or decorative aspect.

    • Medium size banners (3 to 4 feet)

    Medium size banners in the three- and four-feet range expand your options for use. These banner sizes are ideal for trade shows, expos, festivals, or similar events where you have an individual booth. This is simply because these banners are big enough to capture people’s attention but small enough to fit many occasions and settings.

    For instance, a medium-sized banner is a great option for the front of an audience-facing table or hanging behind/in front of a display. They allow you to easily advertise your brand, highlight an event, or simply deliver information about your product or service. 

    • Large size banners (5 feet+)
    • The key advantage of a large size banner is that it ensures your display gets noticed even in busy areas with huge crowds. In sizes of five feet and up, large banners are great for advertising in front of your store, on the sides of buildings, or as a beacon drawing people to a specific event or activity.


      There are endless customized options available in terms of how large your banner can get and no limit as to what they can accomplish and be used for.  

      Other Types of Banners and Common Dimensions

      Now that we know some of the most common sizes of banners let’s discuss some of the other types of banners available and their typical sizes.

      Type of Banners by Usage

      • Outdoor/Indoor Banners
      • Banners can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes interchangeably. However, for outdoor use specifically, it is best to use a slightly bigger sign, so it is visible easily by more people. In general, horizontal outdoor banners are around 3’×10′ feet, while vertical ones are closer to 6′ × 2′ feet. 

        • Retractable Banners
        • A retractable banner is ideal to use if you are planning to reuse your banner many times on the ground, in different locations. These types of banners are quite easy to set up and take down. They typically measure around 7’×3′ feet for standard signage. 
        • Custom Table Top Banners
        • If you are looking for an advertising banner for your event display table, custom table top banners (specially created for your table) make a perfect choice. They typically measure around 4′ x 3’, 6’ x 3’, or 8’ x 3’. The sizing of this type of cover will largely depend on the table you are using. 

          Types of Banners by Solutions

          • Promotional Banners

          Ideal for retail outlets, strip malls, and shopping malls, these large vinyl banners (such as 5’× 10′ or 5’× 12′) promote happenings such as sales, grand openings, and discounts. Using them in high-traffic locations helps attract both repeat and new customers.

          • Event Banners
          • From trade shows, expos, concerts, business conferences to fairs & festivals, every big or small event require a well-planned system of signage, tents, and more. Medium or large size banners are quite effective here because of the size and visibility they offer to spread your message to attract customers. In some instances, small banners can be placed in strategic locations to guide people to your location.
          • Announcement Banners
          • These banners are best to announce changes in services such as business hours, opening or reopening a location, or changes in operating procedures. They typically measure around 4′ x 3’ or 6’ x 3’.

            Types of Banners by Material

            • Vinyl Banners

            Vinyl banners are known for their durable and heat-resistant material and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. Since they are quite heavy compared to their cloth counterparts, they need to be appropriately stored to avoid creasing.

            • Fabric Banners

            Made up of polyester or satin, fabric banners provide excellent full-colored graphics to entice your audience. Unlike vinyl banners, they are crease-resistant and machine washable. These displays make an ideal solution for any business needing a good-quality banner with little setup time. However, fabric banners are prone to a shortened lifespan if used outdoors, so they are best for indoor applications. 

            • Mesh Banners
            • Made up of a more permeable weave, mesh banners allow wind to pass through the banner. This allows the banner to withstand harsh winds and extreme weather outside while doing the heavy branding or advertising lifting simultaneously. They make an ideal choice for large signage applications on building sides, fencing, and storefronts.
            • Importance of Text Sizing and Design in Choosing Banner Size

            • Another factor that determines the size of your banner is what you want to include in the design. If you want to include more text and images, you need a bigger banner. If you are using fewer or smaller text and images, a small banner will serve the purpose, but you will have to remember that people will have to be closer to read it.

              Ideally, the banner text and image size should be based on how far away people will be viewing it from (on average).

              For instance, a 3-inch tall line of text will be legible within 100 feet of the banner, whereas 12 inches text line can be read from as far as 500 feet. Hence, it is recommended to find a size that easily fits everything you want to include in your banner design. The viewers should be able to comfortably read and see from the average distance away they are standing.

            • For More Information or Pricing on Any of Our Banner Products Call:516-561-1468 or Visit Our Website at: