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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

4 Marketing Ideas to Attract More 

Shoppers to Your Small Business

Supporting small businesses is a vital part of thriving communities, and it's something that should be celebrated and practiced year-round.

In a post-COVID economy, consumers are eager to support small businesses. One Consumer Pulse study showed that 93% of Americans believe supporting small businesses they value is important, and 9 out of 10 shoppers said this is even more essential after the pandemic.

As further proof, Small Business Saturday has emerged as a significant retail event during the busiest shopping season for small businesses. In 2022, projected spending reached an estimated $17.9 billion, as the 2022 SBS Consumer Insights Survey reported.

4 Fun Ideas for Getting More Shoppers in the Door of Your Small Business

Consumers' goodwill and awareness of the importance of small businesses create a massive opportunity. Here are four ideas to kickstart your creativity.

1. Capitalize on Curb Appeal

Part of the charm of shopping at small businesses is the experience, so make it fun for people to step through your doors!

Try sidewalk A-frame banners or a freebies table with magnets, custom notepads, or samples. Advertise in advance and reward people who participate in your highlighted theme (like a 15% discount to anyone wearing plaid or area sports team merchandise). Or collaborate with area merchants on a "Deals Near-BUY" flyer to build momentum in your neighborhood.

2. Reward Referrals

While your brand may serve customers beyond your region, an enormous 85% of business owners depend on word-of-mouth referrals, so actively influencing friends and neighbors is vital!

Bump up referrals by mailing a Buy One/Get One coupon. Or pump up a "Bring a Buddy" event with food tasting, demonstrations, free drawings, or a fun in-store activity.

3. Personalize Advertisements

When promoting your small business, highlight testimonies or quotes from real local customers.

Try before and after pictures, photos of your customers in well-loved parks, or advertisements featuring your content in front of an area mascot. If your city has special events during the season, tie these into your promos.

4. Offer Bonus Merchandise

When balancing price reduction and profit margin gets tricky, consider adding rewards instead.

Could you ask suppliers for samples to be used as "gift with purchase" items? Or pair your own smaller freebies with the full-price items—like s'more sticks with a tent purchase, socks with a pair of shoes, or a free dessert or spice packet with a cookbook purchase.

Print Local

Local purchasing has tangible benefits for shoppers and merchants: for every dollar spent shopping small, estimates show an average of 68 cents stays in that business's local community.

So, choose to shop and print locally and contact us for all your printing needs, including posters, mailers, business cards, and more. Give Us a Call at 516-561-1468 or Visit Our Website


Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Writing the Perfect Thank 

You Note to Your Customers

A heartfelt thank you note can be the perfect way to show genuine appreciation to your customers, creating a strong and lasting bond.

But why stop there? Thank you cards allow you to seize the opportunity to extend warm wishes and heartfelt greetings to your valued customers anytime. It's a small yet powerful gesture that goes beyond words, expressing gratitude for their purchase, unwavering loyalty, and continuous support. 

9 Top Tips for Crafting the Ideal Thank You Note for Your Valued Customers

Writing a personalized note that resonates with your customers' experiences and showcases your sincere gratitude can leave an indelible impression on them.

These thoughtful acts strengthen relationships and foster long-term loyalty. So express your appreciation and encourage your customers with a personalized thank-you note this Thanksgiving!

1. Be Genuine and Sincere

Don't just write a generic thank you note; make it personal and heartfelt.

Speak from the heart and tell your customers how much they mean to you and your business.

2. Keep It Concise

Keep your note short and to the point.

Your customers will appreciate a sincere thank you without having to read through paragraphs of text.

3. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Include personal touches in your thank you notes, such as mentioning specific details about the purchase or their loyalty to your brand.

This shows that you have taken the time to appreciate them truly. 

4. Show Gratitude for Their Support

Whether it's a one-time purchase or continuous support, let your customers know how much you appreciate their business and how it has helped it grow.

5. Include a Call to Action

Encourage your customers to continue supporting your business by including a call to action in your thank you note.

This can be anything from visiting your website to leaving a review. 

6. Use Quality Stationery

Make sure to use good quality stationery when writing your thank you notes.

Contact us or visit our print shop for all your custom stationery needs. We take pride in providing products to ensure that your thank you notes express gratitude and exude elegance and thoughtfulness.

7. Be Timely

If you send your customers thank you notes after a specific purchase (vs. a holiday or occasion), do it promptly, preferably within a week after purchasing or receiving support.

This shows that you value your customers' time and business.

8. Get Creative

Don't be afraid to get creative with your thank-you notes!

You can include a small token of appreciation or a personalized message to make your customers feel special and valued.

9. Make It Meaningful

Lastly, ensure your thank you note is meaningful and specific to your customers.

This will make it more memorable and leave a lasting impression.
Don't underestimate the power of a simple thank you note in building and maintaining strong customer relationships. Take the time to craft a personalized and heartfelt message, and watch as your customers continue to show their support and loyalty.  
Need a little help getting started? We can help! Reach out to us on our website or give us a call for compelling thank you card ideas to help your customers feel appreciated this Holiday Season. Telephone:516-561-1468 or

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

4 Business Card Concepts 

That Make a Big First Impression

A striking, professional image flows from your primary point of contact – that classic, irresistible, one-of-a-kind business card.

Like a handshake or a personal introduction, your business card leaves a lasting first impression. It's more than contact information; it reflects your brand's personality.

Your brand is unique, and your business card should be too. Perhaps it's time to go big and bold – or simple and sharp – as you refresh your business card.

Four Fresh Business Card Examples

Check out these four innovative business card concepts that break free from convention, leaving a lasting impact on those who receive them.

1. Unexpected Contrasts

While many traditional cards are flat and formal, modern cards keep bending the rules.

Like a dry joke with a witty punchline, some business cards use stark contrast to surprise and entice:


  • Handwritten script alongside bold fonts
  • Playful quotes next to minimalist contact details
  • Lively neon stripes juxtaposed with black and white grids
  • Vibrant borders adorning a substantial, neutral-hued foundation
  • A jagged, tear-away strip across a meticulously symmetrical card

2. Tangible Textures

Like an unboxing experience, tactile textures are very satisfying. 

Printed pieces carry significant weight, and you can amplify this impact with foils, recycled materials, or debossing and embossing to raise or depress your favorite design elements.

Texture Examples:

  • Custom seals
  • Textured logos
  • Corrugated cardboard overlays
  • Raised geometric patterns
  • Iridescent stripes
  • Gel-style fonts on transparent plastic cards

3. Product-First Promos

Have you ever rummaged through stacks of paper, looking for a contact buried in the chaos?

Make it easier for people to connect with you! Hospitable marketing puts the customer first, so why not lead with the product or promo they want most? Product-first business cards can feature the deal of the month, a photo of your most popular product, or an embossed caricature of your cafĂ©'s favorite menu item. Let the graphics do the talking while making your contact secondary.

Product Examples:

  • A calculator for an accounting firm
  • A dog for a groomer
  • A barbell for a personal trainer
  • A vacuum for a cleaning business
  • A charcuterie board for a caterer
  • An arrow between points A and B for couriers

4. Memorable Shapes

Did you know our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text?

Accelerate your message and provide a powerful memory aid using a themed business card with a clever die-cut shape.

Die Cut Examples:

  • A camera-shaped photography card
  • A mug-shaped coffee card
  • A key-shaped locksmith card
  • A hammer-shaped handyman card
  • A daisy-shaped florist card

5. Edge Cards

The Print Cafe give's customers an edge over the competition with Black EDGE Cards! Sturdy, multilayered Black EDGE Cards consist of a black-colored core fixed between two layers of bright white, premium uncoated face stock. Highlight the colors of your brand with Colored Edge Business Cards. Complement any design with 16 standard paint or metallic edge colors to choose from.

You Dream It, We'll Print It

Why settle for boring when business cards offer such unbeatable curb appeal?

Exude confidence with captivating, unforgettable pieces that mirror the distinctive essence of your brand.

Wondering what's possible? Head to our website and request a quote today!

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