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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

 5 Key Trends in Direct Mail for 2022

In a world of online and virtual marketing, direct mail promotions are still going strong.

According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail has an average return rate of 4.4%, which is 10 to 30 times higher than digital marketing efforts. With these stats, businesses that are not taking advantage of direct mailing marketing are missing a large group of potential customers and clients.

Below are five key trends in direct mail for 2022:

1. Send Out Postcards

Direct mailing campaigns using postcards have grown in popularity, providing an inexpensive method to reach customers and clients.

Postcards are affordable to print and mail, offering many opportunities for a quick turnaround and fast marketing effort. Keep information on the postcards minimal, to the point, and visually appealing.

2. Mail Out Gift Cards

Materials can increase the return by including gift cards featuring a discount or special offer with direct mail.

Gift cards entice recipients to want to come in and learn more about your products and services and may encourage them to make a purchase using the discount.

Businesses that take advantage of sending out gift cards to customers stand out and make an impression on potential clients.

3. Send Personalized Offers

Creating a mailing list of loyal customers is the best way to develop a personalized direct marketing plan.

Get in touch with your customers and send out customized discounts and offers based on their past transactions with your company. Getting to know more about your customers also helps you create personalized offers via mail.

4. Partner With Local Businesses

Partner with local businesses which complement yours by offering a specialized promotion for both of your client bases.

By partnering with another local company, you can tap into their mailing list while allowing them to use yours while sending out a single mailer with a special for both of your companies. The direct mailer partnership helps grow your reach while creating a great relationship with another business owner.

5. Use a Sustainable Marketing Plan

Sustainable marketing plans help those using direct mail promotions to use paper stock created from a sustainable source.

Using an FSC-approved paper, reducing the quantities sent out, and using smaller mail pieces can help reduce your business’s carbon footprint while also maintaining a direct mailing marketing plan.

Creating a direct mailing marketing plan can help keep your business relevant, in the minds of your clients, and in front of potential customers. Creating a direct mailing campaign involves several factors to help you stay on top of your competition and be environmentally friendly. Take advantage of the above-listed tips to help enhance your business’s mailing plans this year.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

7 Things for Customers to Consider 

When Designing Packaging

Are you marketing Packaging to your customers? Here are 7 things that they might want to consider when designing their Packaging in order to give their respective brands the boost they so rightly deserve:

  1. Does it stand out? There are a lot of products out there. And there are likely a lot of products similar to your customers’ products. Surely your customers are the best, but how will their shoppers know this? Your customers should make sure their packaging stands out on the shelf (or wherever it’s being sold) among its surroundings.

  2. Who’s the buyer? Is the target market male? Female? Do they tend to be into sports, art, music, all of the above? These are all important things to consider when designing packaging. The design should appeal to your buyer.

  1. Is it press-friendly? Think about it. Publicity is one of the number one marketing tools around. A few good write-ups in established publications (or on popular blogs) can result in huge spikes in the sales of a product, not to mention a brand’s credibility. Having packaging that photographs well and is appealing to online and print editors can be a critical factor in a product getting the press it deserves.

  2. Does it meet legal requirements? A product’s packaging should inform the buyer of what’s inside. For example, the weight, materials used, ingredients (if food), where it was made, etc. are all key pieces of information sometimes required on a product’s packaging. Make sure your customers are also following the standards for the country in which they’re selling their product. Each country has them. As long as they’re being followed, your customers should be good to go.

  3. Does it include instructions? If a product requires assembly, many customers will want to see at least a basic outline of how the product is assembled. It’s advantageous to your customer (the seller) if their product is easy to put together. If such is the case, this should be reflected on the package so your buyer knows that it’s user-friendly.

  4. Does it protect the contents? Physical construction is super important because, of course, customers want their precious products to be protected. Your customers want to protect their awesome inventory in well-constructed, sturdy packaging that will hold up during shipping/transporting/handling. They’ll be grateful they did once their businesses start to see serious action.

  5. Does it reflect your customers' brands? As far as packaging is concerned, this is probably the most critical when it comes to the long-term success of a business. Packaging should reflect the spirit of the brand and contain key things like the company logo, company colors, etc. Your customers should be thinking like a customer and considering what kinds of visual packaging characteristics are responsible for brand recognition. Think about it. With Apple, it’s the apple with the bite taken out of it, often coupled with an Avenir typeface and lots of clean white space. The colors yellow and red are often associated with fast food. You get the idea. And if your customers can establish a brand identity early on and use it consistently in their packaging, they’re in great shape! Contact us today to get started! 516-561-1468 or FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ANY OF OUR MARKETING PRODUCTS GO