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Thursday, February 29, 2024

4 Hallmarks of a Great Advertising 

Message (Examples Included!)

There is power in good copy, but there’s MAGIC in great advertising.

Want proof? Enjoy this trip down memory lane!

  • When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best (Hallmark, 1934)
  • Breakfast of Champions (Wheaties, 1935)
  • Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand (M&Ms, 1954)
  • Betcha Can’t Eat Just One (Lay’s, 1963)
  • The Few, The Proud, The Marines (US Marine Corps, 1977)
  • Just Do It (Nike, 1987)

A strong slogan is a snapshot of what the best ads embody.

Their idea is short, captures attention, and leaves a lasting impression on consumers long after the message fades.

Drafting Short Soundbites with Big Ideas

Writing convincing copy is both a skill and an art form.

Advertisements should be unique, timely, persuasive, memorable, and concise. Easy, right? If only it were that simple.

Whole books are devoted to helping you write 30-second promos, but if you’re looking for the very basics, here are four tips to get you started.

1. Know Your Audience

You can only hit a bulls-eye if you have a tangible target in mind.

To shape the perfect message, you’ll need to review exactly who your target prospect is and the advertising medium where your ad will appear. Alert writers won’t pen a word before nailing down these details.

2. Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition

Today’s buyers are overwhelmed with options, so they must quickly understand what makes you different from your competitors, or they’ll disengage altogether.

When you want to stand tall in your industry, a unique selling proposition (USP) sets you apart. USPs clarify the reason customers should buy from you and you alone.

What makes your product or company different? Brainstorm ways you can say this in one punchy phrase.

For example: 

  • Saddleback Leather: They’ll fight over it when you are gone (because our products will outlive you!)
  • Geico: 15 minutes could save you 15 percent more on your car insurance

3. Use Offers that Sell

Add a natural conclusion – like an exceptional deal, a date-sensitive timeline, or a risk-free option – combined with a clear next step that prompts people to act.

For example: 

  • No charge for the first two months. Email ___ for your subscription.
  • Free returns, no questions asked. Take your ___ home today!
  • Only ___ tickets remain! Reserve your spot HERE.

4. Unleash Your Inner Poet with Active, Emotional Language

Only have a minute or less?

Maximize your mic time with bold headlines, flavorful adjectives, and poetic flair. Need inspiration? Here are 120 clear examples of words and phrases for marketing with emotion.

Brief and Brilliant

Ready to rock it? In closing, remember this advice, often credited to President Woodrow Wilson: “Be brief, be brilliant, and be gone.”

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Sustainable Printing: 

4 Eco-conscious Printing Practices

In the last few years, consumers have been increasingly emphasizing the sustainability and eco-friendliness of their favorite brands.

A study done by the Harvard Business Review showed that when Gen Z and Millennial customers believe a brand cares about its impact on people and the planet, they are 27% more likely to purchase from it than older generations. 

As the world gravitates towards eco-friendliness, the print industry is also evolving, embracing methods that minimize environmental impact without compromising quality or creativity. 

4 Ways to Make Your Print Marketing More Eco-Friendly

Check out these strategies for taking advantage of the effectiveness of print (80% of consumers act on direct mail print advertisements) while factoring in eco-conscious printing practices. 

1. Use Recycled Materials

One of the easier ways to create more sustainable print marketing is by choosing eco-friendly alternatives to your typical products. 

For paper, try using recycled papers or cardstocks- and make sure that your paper choices are certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Using recycled paper will also reduce your company's production costs and help limit the number of new trees that need to be cut to make paper.

2. Vegetable-based Inks

Soy-based inks are now available as a substitute for petroleum-based inks.

They are nontoxic, nonflammable, and made with renewable resources.

This easy switch will increase the sustainability of all the materials you print while still producing vibrant colors. 

3. Recycling Initiatives

After creating print materials for one of your campaigns, properly recycle the leftover materials and scraps. 

Or, even better, seek ways to reuse or repurpose those materials for future projects. Sturdier printed pieces, such as postcards or signs on thick cardstock, could be saved and reused to reduce waste. 

You can also limit the amount of leftover print materials by carefully planning before you begin a printing project. Identify your target customers using CRM or other marketing tools beforehand so that you can print only the necessary materials and prevent waste.

4. Use Proofing

Errors in your printed materials can greatly impact the eco-friendliness of your production process.

Whether it's a grammatical error or a design error, it might result in the need for materials to be reprinted or for an entire batch of prints to be discarded. 

Use proofing tools or have other team members look it over so that your print materials can be reviewed and double-checked. Ensure the message is clear, all contact details are accurate, and the design fits the campaign's needs. This will ensure a more streamlined process and eliminate opportunities for waste!

As you strive to make your printing process more environmentally friendly, our company is here for you and all your printing needs! Visit our website today to learn how we can help you create quality print materials.Go


Thursday, February 22, 2024

3 Reasons Brochures Still Have 

a Role in Modern Marketing

The classic tri-fold brochure.

These documents with information, images, contact info, and a flashy slogan are commonly seen in clinic waiting rooms, on tourist boards, or inside your local paper.

You may wonder, "In this digital age of social media, emails, and streaming services, do brochures still have a place in marketing?" 


Because of their portability, unique designs, tangible quality, and simplicity (no pop-ads interrupting your future customer), brochures offer a creative and effective marketing option to boost your exposure to current and prospective customers.

The Role of Brochures in Modern Marketing

Here are three reasons why brochures still have a role to play in modern marketing.

1. Slow Down Your Customer

Allow your potential customer the time to read about your company on their own terms, without notifications or emails interrupting them.

In our fast-paced world, sometimes a simple brochure is just the right amount of reading a person wants in an ad.

According to a recent study, over 95% of recipients of brochures read at least the main points. This study encourages brochures because it found that once individuals have a brochure, they almost always read at least the most critical information.

2. Break the Ice

Brochures are also an excellent ice breaker between you and your future client, giving you some common ground to discuss when you first meet.

When potential customers pick up and read your brochure, they begin cultivating an understanding of your company.

As you meet with these clients and begin a relationship, this inaugural impression springs into action. 

3. Share More Info

With five separate sections spread out over a traditional trifold and room for an engaging front page, there is ample room to share your business's information, values, mission, success, and contact info on a brochure. 

What to Include in an Effective Brochure

Engaging Graphics

Vivid colors, clarity, and boldness in your visual aids are essential to grab and hold your audience's attention effectively. 

Consider every detail to entice your reader or potential customer,
making the experience more engaging and compelling.

Fonts and layout, often overlooked, are key elements that play a pivotal role in delivering your message and enhancing the effectiveness of your content.

Informative Images

Using graphs or charts is a helpful method to explain the impact of your business, give an overview of results, or highlight other positive aspects of your company. 

These visual aids are effective and straightforward to comprehend, offering a clear and concise representation of complex data or achievements.

Include Promotions or Coupons

Incorporating promotions or coupons into your brochure can significantly enhance its effectiveness.

By offering your customers actionable items, like encouraging a phone call or inviting them for a physical visit, you create a direct pathway for engagement.

Create bridges between you and future clients today with the power of a brochure. 

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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Spotlight on Specialty Printing: 

Foil Stamping

Step into the spotlight and discover the captivating world of foil stamping. 

Embellishments, like foil stamping, add a wow factor to your printed pieces. This extraordinary printing technique, originating in ancient China, has stood the test of time when artisans first adorned their creations with dazzling gold leaf. 

Today, foil stamping still reigns supreme, infusing a touch of luxury and sophistication into business cards, invitations, packaging, and promotional materials.

How it Works: The Artistry Unveiled

Get ready to be amazed as we reveal the magic of foil stamping.

A heated metal die meets a delicate foil sheet, and the magical transformation begins with just a touch of pressure.

The adhesive layer on the foil comes alive, gently transferring onto your chosen canvas.

The result?

A stunning raised metallic design that captures attention and radiates pure brilliance.

Types of Foil: A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities

Let your imagination run wild with an array of foil options, each possessing its charm and allure:

Metallic Foil

Embrace timeless elegance with classic gold, silver, or copper tones that exude prestige and sophistication.

Holographic Foil

Unleash a mesmerizing display of color with holographic foil, creating an enchanting rainbow effect that captivates the eye.

Matte Foil

For those seeking a subtle and refined aesthetic, matte foil offers a velvety finish that whispers of understated elegance.

Pigment Foil

Dive into a world of vibrant possibilities with pigmented foils, perfect for creating vivid designs on dark-colored materials.

Specialty Foil

Prepare to be spellbound by a menagerie of enchanting options, from dazzling glitter to captivating marble, woodgrain, and snakeskin. 

Advantages of Foil Stamping: Elevate Your Print Marketing Materials

Unlock the hidden potential of foil stamping and witness your print marketing designs come to life with these remarkable advantages.

Unparalleled Visual Allure

Infuse your creations with an irresistible allure, as the luminous metallic finish of foil stamping sets them apart from the ordinary, leaving a lasting impression.

Enduring Brilliance

Withstanding the test of time, foil-stamped prints retain their lustrous shine, undeterred by the rigors of handling and environmental conditions.

Boundless Versatility

Whether paper, cardstock, leather, or plastic, foil stamping effortlessly transforms any surface into a canvas for your imagination, making it the ultimate choice for diverse projects.

Infinite Customization

Embrace boundless creativity as you explore various foil colors and types.

Tailor each print to your heart's desire, shaping your brand or design with unmatched personalization.

Value for Investment

Witness the magic unfold as foil stamping delivers exceptional results in a single production step.

It's the perfect solution for high-end prints, a cost-effective choice that doesn't compromise quality.

Foil stamping is where brilliance meets craftsmanship, and every print becomes a work of art. 

Ready to elevate your designs and captivate your audience? Contact us today to discuss how foil stamping can play a role in your next print marketing initiative.

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Thursday, February 8, 2024


All the 2024 Colors of the Year 

to Inspire Your Next Print Design

By   Anna D

Anything that involves design is heavily influenced by color. In fact, there’s a complex color psychology that proves colors even affect human moods and behaviors. When it comes to determining which colors to use, for any given project, there are many different funnels of approach. After all, inspiration can spark from anywhere at any time. With all the 2024 colors of the year finally out, let’s take a look at some of the colors that are expected to trend in interior design, graphic design, fashion, and even advertisements.

Though most of these colors are actually based on paint colors, they are bound to show up across everything from walls to digital designs. We’ve provided all the hex codes and CMYK percentages so that you can use any of these phenomenal colors for all of your design projects, from new business cards and updated brochure designs, to website revamps.

The Blue Hues

For 2024, it seems like the reigning majority for the year’s color trend is blue and all its various shades. Across many different paint companies, their crowned colors of the year range from cool-toned blues, warm blues, and even bright blues to inspire every type of design project. Blue shades, even the most vibrant of blues, are known to promote feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Inspired by Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year, “Blue Nova”

Color hex code: #5B6D92
C 22%   M 15%   Y 0%   K 43%

This cool-toned blue-gray shade is reminiscent of a Nordic blue. Its inviting, nature-inspired tone reminds us of a night sky and evokes the longing for adventure. In any design, this color would be ideal both as an accent color and as a center stage color.

Inspired by C2’s Color of the Year, “Thermal”

Color hex code: #B5D5E6
C 19%   M 7%   Y 0%   K 10%

The name thermal may imply cold, but this color has a welcoming vibe to it that we think will perform well when used as a background color.

Inspired by Krylon’s Color of the Year, “Bluebird”

Color hex code: #08A8E4
C 86%   M 24%   Y 0%   K 11%

Bold, beautiful, and is sure to grab attention. This color will serve as the perfect accent color.

Inspired by Valspar’s Color of the Year, “Renew Blue”

Color hex code: #99B6B3
C 11%   M 0%   Y 1%   K 29%

A mid-tone blue-green hybrid color that reminds us of a subdued variation of a sea foam green.

Inspired by Dunn-Edwards’ Color of the Year, “Skipping Stones”

Color hex code: #70959E
C 18%   M 4%   Y 0%   K 38%

If teal and gray had a baby, this color would be it. Like blue nova, this color is versatile, in that it can either be an accent color or a main color for any type of design project. We think we’ll see this color most during the Spring season.

Inspired by Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year “Upward”

Color hex code: #BFC9D0
C 7%   M 3%   Y 0%   K 18%

A neutral-toned airy gray-blue that has enough character to elevate any design. Instead of a cool gray background color, consider this shade. Thank us later.

Moody, Dark Neutrals

Classic and modern dark tones will also be making their way into 2024. The trend of dark, moody colors is set to envelop interior design and fashion landscapes. Though it may be a bold choice for living room walls, darker colors evoke a sense of mystery and sophistication that will translate well on common marketing prints like business cards and postcards. Their rising popularity can be attributed to a collective desire to depart from previous minimalist trends. As we navigate through an increasingly digital world, these types of colors have a grounding presence that will allow us to dive into serene, intimate aesthetic designs.

Inspired by Dutch Boy’s Color of the Year, “Ironside”

Color hex code: #605E55
C 0%   M 1%   Y 4%   K 62%

Earthy tones like this cool brown have been all the rage lately and will continue to show up in 2024.

Inspired by Behr’s Color of the Year, “Cracked Pepper”

Color hex code: #4C4D4F
C 1%   M 1%   Y 0%   K 69%

A charcoal gray with some warmth and depth. Need we say more?

Warm, Light Neutrals

Shying away from the plain “beige” era, 2024 will dive into the warmer side of beige shades that still offer some neutrality. These types of shades offer much more personality and will pair well with other color schemes, such as earth-tone palettes.

Inspired by Glidden’s Color of the Year, “Limitless”

Color hex code: #F0DDB8
C 0%   M 7%   Y 22%   K 6%

This beautiful shade will pair well with both cool and warm-toned colors. If you were considering a neutral color like a cool-toned gray to balance out a design, try this warm neutral shade instead. Its creamy yellow undertone is brighter and is much more inviting than a gray.

Inspired by the Ultimate 2024 Color of the Year, “Peach Fuzz”

Color hex code: #FFBE98
C 0%   M 25%   Y 40%   K 0%

And last, but not least, the mother of all colors of the year is a pastel warm peachy beige. Looking at this color gives off feelings of nostalgia for a different time. In retrospect, this warm, inviting color will be a popular accent color to include in design concepts across fashion, interior design, and graphic design.

With the new year right around the corner, we hope these colors will light up the creative spark that you’ve been searching for, or even inspire you to take the leap and work towards the company re-branding goal you’ve been thinking about. Or, at the very least, we hope these colors have encouraged design concepts for all your upcoming digital or print marketing campaigns. For Help with your next Print or Sign Project Call: 516-561-1468 or Visit Our Website at:

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Building Your Brand with Signage – 

Why Business Signs are so Important


There are many ways to market your business. One of the strategies that many business owners find effective is exterior and interior signage.

Effective signage is important because it allows you to draw attention to your company and further develop your brand. In comparison to other forms of marketing, signage is cost-efficient because it can give you constant exposure, no matter the time of day, and because it can be used on a long-term basis.

Even with so many effective digital marketing strategies, don’t overlook the power of a good sign campaign. Signage can direct new customers towards your business that might not have otherwise been able to find you.

However, just having signage isn’t enough. You need attractive signs that will catch people’s eyes. You need a good design paired with essential information about your business. And to create these signs, there are some tips you’ll want to take into consideration.

Thinking through purpose

The first thing you want to think about is what you need the sign for. Maybe you need directional signage that can help people get to your store. Or maybe you want to announce an upcoming event or a sale. Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to persuade people to visit your business.

Once you know your purpose, you can start thinking through logistics, such as how large the signs need to be. You’ll also want to consider what materials they need to be made from.

Including must-know info

Once you have a purpose in mind, think about what information people need to take away from the sign. It’s not just about what your business does, but how your business is different from competitive brands.

So, put your business’s name and some sort of message on that sign. But that message is where you need to get creative. What makes your pet store different from the one down the street? Maybe you sell some sort of animal that they don’t? Convey that difference on your signs!

Location, location, location

Having a catchy sign isn’t enough! You have to think about where you’re going to put that sign. You need to find a place that will be highly visible. But you also need to make sure that you’re following local laws.

The location of your sign will impact the size it needs to be and what it looks like. For example, if you’re developing a billboard, you need to come up with a large design that can be quickly read when someone is speeding down the highway.

Creating consistent branding

Consistent branding matters. You want to make sure any signage you develop is consistent with your overall brand. This could include a logo, font choice, tagline, or some other sort of similar visual element.

When you use consistent branding, people will begin to immediately recognize your brand, no matter if they’re looking at your social media or if they’re looking at one of your signs. While your marketing materials don’t need to look identical, there should be some sort of common element(s) that tie everything together.

Get creative with design

The more creative you can be with your sign, the better! Find a way to make your signage memorable, such as some sort of pun that is relevant to your store.

In addition to getting creative with words and graphics, get creative with the type of signage you use. For example, maybe your town won’t permit large signs – instead, you could consider using magnets or car decals as an alternative. You need to find a way to stick out from other businesses in your town!

Professionals can help

Finally, don’t feel like you need to do this alone. There are professionals out there that are experienced in developing the right signage for a business. They can talk you through your business needs and help you develop a timeline.

Companies such as Signarama, which is an NYC sign company, offer a variety of services, from designing signs to maintaining signs. Before settling on one particular company, make sure to read available reviews. Some companies also offer free consulting, which can help you determine if they’re the right company for you.

In summary

Digital marketing is important, but so is building your brand through signage! But simply sticking a sign with your logo on it into the ground isn’t enough. Careful planning and consideration of your company goals can help you develop clever signage! There are also professionals out there that can help you through the entire process. For Info Visit This Page:

Thursday, February 1, 2024

5 Ways Signs Help Promote 

and Market Your Business   

By John Boitnott

Promoting and marketing your business can be a costly and challenging endeavor. You want to make sure that you reach your target audience in the most effective way possible. Signs can be an extremely effective marketing tool if used correctly. One way to do this is through the use of signs. These five ways signs help promote and market your business can get you started.

Communicates to Customers

The most obvious way that signs help promote and market your business is by communicating with customers. Companies can do this in some ways, such as providing information about your business, special offers, or product availability.

In today’s digital world, people bombard customers with seemingly endless information. Having a sign that stands out and is easy to read can help make sure that your message is seen and understood. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, signs can also help guide customers to your door.

Some different signs work well, such as A-frames, banners, and window decals. Stainless steel signs are also a popular option for creating a more sophisticated look for businesses.

Enhances Brand Identity

In addition to communicating with customers, signs can also help to enhance your brand identity. This identity is crucial because it can help you build name recognition and create a positive association with your business.

Having a well-designed sign that uses your company’s colors and logo can help to increase brand awareness. This awareness is especially true if your sign is in a high-traffic area. Whether you’re starting a gym or a restaurant, creating a brand identity can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Increases Brand Awareness

Another benefit of using signs to promote your business is that they can help to increase brand awareness. This promotion helps lead to more customers and sales.

One way to increase brand awareness is to use eye-catching and unique signs. These particular signs will help make sure that people remember your business when they see your sign.

Helps Reach the Right Audience

You can also use signs to target specific demographics. For example, if you are a restaurant specializing in healthy food, you could use signs to promote this to health-conscious people.

This niching down is a great way to ensure that you reach your target audience and that your marketing efforts are more effective.

Promote Sales and New Items

Finally, signs work well to promote sales and new items. This method is an effective way to increase foot traffic and boost sales.

You can use them for advertising a sale or promoting a new product. This promotion is a useful way to get people in the door and increase your chances of making a sale.

Signs are a solid way to promote and market your business. They are an effective way to communicate with customers, increase brand awareness, and encourage sales.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from using signs to market their business. So, if you are looking for a way to increase brand awareness and reach more customers, feel free to try this marketing tactic. For More Info go to:

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