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Monday, April 18, 2022

How Using Products for Marketing

Can Increase Outreach 

Marketing in 2022 can be a complex task. With so many traditional printed marketing materials at your disposal and digital marketing outreach goals, how can you know what products for marketing will increase sales across the board?

While digital marketing is often touted as the way forward for small businesses and entrepreneurs, there is still a market for branded products via a digital printing company such as ourselves. At Print Cafe LI, we have evolved our printing processes to help customers maximize their budget for increased efficiency and increased sales to support your business.

Using Products Alongside Digital Marketing

There is no denying that digital marketing has revolutionized how businesses approach doing business. However, there is an excellent benefit of using complementary marketing products alongside outreach methods as well.

Market outreach is a strategy that companies use to pitch their business to influential people that are relevant to the product and niche. Outreach marketing is often called influencer marketing and it is a thriving sector on social media. Influencers can come in many different shapes and forms, from celebrities with massive social media following to experts within specific industries and niches who bring new products and developments to the appropriate market sectors. How you approach influencer marketing can dictate the strategy you use.

You can also send current clients and customers free products included with their orders as an added extra in the hope they will share those products with their customers or peers. This will, therefore, expand your reach and utilize existing customers within your outreach strategy.

Using Products for Marketing: Branding

When using products for your outreach marketing, the first step is to use a digital printing company with years of experience in the industry to help you personalize your products.

Adorning products with your logo has long been viewed as an effective marketing method. Think of the humble pen with a company name and phone number on it. The pen can be passed from person to person, used in various situations, and when someone is looking for a pen, they will immediately think of your brand when they grab your pen.

In 2022, the world has moved on in ways that we have never experienced before, so you need to be more creative with how you dispense your branded products for marketing.

For example, if you send gifted clothing to a fashion influencer, a pen will likely be discarded, never being used or promoted via their channels. However, a branded hoodie as a complimentary extra will probably be pulled out and shared across their social media channels for more 'casual' days or outfits such as catching flights, long road trips, or chilling at home. In fact, 71% of marketers found customers gained via influencer marketing more beneficial than other channels. The trick is getting the right influencer and appropriate marketing materials to boost your partnership.

Likewise, if you are selling B2B, a pen will come in more valuable than a hoodie, as will various other stationery pieces and business cards. It is important to know your audience and the outreach target audience in order to send applicable products for promotion to achieve maximum effect.

Complimentary Products for Marketing: Distributing

When using complementary products for marketing with existing customers, ensuring you aren't reaching for unsuitable products is key to developing an effective strategy to increase sales. Partner with The Print Cafe, LI to provide all of your branded products for marketing that are of the highest quality and show off your company in the best light. We help you to avoid mistakes and poor placements

Assign marketing products according to appropriate customer orders or services. The more applicable they are to the business, the more likely they will be used and not left hiding in a cupboard somewhere.

Let's say you are a cooking utensil company doing outreach to local bakers and suppliers. In this case, providing them with branded equipment such as wooden spoons, mixing bowls, or measuring equipment will mean they will use the sample product you send in what they do. And they will be more likely to engage in a profitable business relationship with you as you have taken the time to pay attention to what they do and provide a greater understanding of how a partnership would work.

Product Competitions

Competitions and giveaways are big business. Hosting competition on your own social media channels, via email, or your website can bring in new customers often; even smaller products offered can garner tremendous results. Alternatively, you can partner with more prominent bloggers and influencers to leverage their audience and reach more potential customers.

As printing experts, we can supply printed promotional products for you to include in your giveaway or give to entrants as a thank you or runner-up prize complementary to the main prize offered. 

For example, you run a sweepstake with one main prize; you can run one for the first 30 entrants in a branded product alongside their chance of winning the main prize. Or you can run an email campaign where the first 100 people to sign up for a new product release receive a promotional product as a thank you.

Benefits of Using Products for Marketing

While it can be costly to produce vast amounts of product giveaways, using products for marketing outreach can be beneficial when used correctly.

When a customer receives your products, branded or not, they get to see the levels of quality and design involved and can assess for themselves if they want to work with you based on this factor. This can be useful when selling products digitally.

Sending complimentary gifts can also increase the value of your relationship, and the better those relationships are, the more business they are likely to do with you.

For companies conducting influencer outreach, you should remember that an influencer's audience values their opinions and choices. If they like and support your product, chances are they will convey this to their audience and increase your exposure to potential customers via their approval. This audience base can be a valuable resource to tap into, and sending physical products to influencers or bloggers can allow them to accurately share thoughts on both quality and design for consumers to see firsthand.

If you’re considering including branded products within your marketing campaign, get in touch with us today to see how our experience and expertise can help you design the right promotional product for your company.Call Today 516-561-1468 or FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ANY OF OUR MARKETING PRODUCTS GO