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Friday, November 5, 2021

 Turn Prospects into Clients with Unforgettable Envelopes

In a world besieged by digital noise, there is something refreshing about collecting your mail.

Tangible and memorable, print media leave an emotional footprint in the psyche. Like a waft of perfume from a love letter, the experience of receiving and opening mail is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Want to increase the impact of your message? Non-traditional print envelopes are sure to make a strong impression. When you’re ready to think outside the rectangle, here are some creative custom options:

Colored Borders

When you want an envelope to pop in the mail pile, a colored border sets your piece apart.

Like a beautifully framed photo, edge accents bring extra attention to your message. Your design should flow with the shape and features of the interior message. For example, pair bold borders with a more modest typeface. Or compliment an embossed label with gold accent trim.

Side Splash Accents

A side splash is a print style that covers a significant portion of one side of the envelope, usually just under ¼ of its total length.

Examples include:

-- A colored logo that bleeds off the back edge of the envelope

-- A bold stripe down the middle with a mailing label featured in the center

-- Triangle accents on two frontside corners

Another color splash option is to use classic white or neutral colors with a pattern splash of color on the envelope flap or its interior. Color splashes make opening an envelope or flyer surprisingly fun!

Photograph Envelopes

Did you know you can make an envelope from a photograph?

Whether this is a filtered, manipulated photo or a simple black and white image, building your design from an image adds depth and staying power. Pictures naturally communicate on many levels, so replacing envelope text with images is a smart choice for any promotional materials.

Building brand familiarity for your bookkeeping services? Enclose sell sheets in a calculator or a ledger book envelope. Promoting your dental practice or salon? Send print promotions wrapped in photos of gorgeous, smiling customers.

Photo envelopes are especially useful if you're promoting a particular product, like a garden center wrapping coupons in an image of a seed packet. When the benefit is visual, the envelope essentially becomes a postcard, allowing you to kickstart your pitch before customers read a word.  

Oversized Logos

While many firms design envelopes with a traditional left corner logo, you can mix things up with an oversized or background logo.

Here are some variations:

-- Place a larger version of your vector logo in the center envelope, leaving space for an address label in the center

-- Use a transparent or watermarked logo to cover between 50-75% of the front

-- Offset an oversized logo to the left or right side of the envelope, so it is partially cut off

-- Rotate your logo or colored brand name by 90 degrees and display it on the left margin of your envelope (like the classic FedEx sleeves)

Break the Mold

Want to break the mold and stand out from the crowd? Creative envelope options are boundless! Give us a call when you’re ready to preview estimates or put our full-service design team to work.

We’re here to help you craft compelling envelopes that turn prospects into customers.  

Need some fresh ideas? Contact us today to get started! 516-561-1468 or FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ANY OF OUR MARKETING PRODUCTS GO