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Wednesday, September 2, 2020


           Custom Labels For Your Business






Depending on the type of business you run custom labels probably play some sort of role in that enterprise. Whether it's a product label affixing directly on the product or a weatherproof label for an outdoor product, most businesses have used labels in many different ways. Type fonts, color, and design are what make labels a great attraction. A great design with colors that pop makes the product label that much more effective.


There's a lot that goes into a label to make it stick out, your label design is your last salesperson contact. A typical product on a shelf has about two seconds to grab a customer's attention. That's why a great design with pictures and bold letters is important while the fine details can come later.


What message are you trying to get across in those few seconds of a first glance is very important to the final sale. Remember labels make your company message stick for what you are promoting. That's why a great design for your product label is most important. For Information on Various Label, Products Go To

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Labels Are a Promotion that "Sticks" With Your Customers

Labels Are a Promotion that "Sticks" With Your Customers
Customers can be a difficult and fickle lot.
They're always shopping around for the "Next Big Thing," surfing your competitor's websites, and price-checking on their phones. With all the different business options available today, it can be tough to keep your business in their mind without spending thousands of dollars on local and digital advertising.

There's a smarter way to keep your customers engaged with your brand's identity without breaking the bank -- labels!

Labels are the ideal way to turn a basic and ho-hum bag or box into a full-color masterpiece that is interesting and fun. See how you can leverage labels to create a promotion that truly sticks with your customers.

Adding Excitement to Your Packaging

Basic white or kraft boxes and bags are simple, inexpensive packaging for your products, but they don't do anything for your brand identity.

When Maggie, a bakery owner, recently visited her local print shop, she was looking for a logo that could be printed on her various sizes of packaging. What she learned was that each size of packaging would require different setups to print the logo, and full-color printing on non-standard size items could get add up. After speaking with the sales team at the print shop, Maggie realized that there was a better option that would reduce the overall costs of using different packaging for her products.

Full-Color Labels in Any Size or Shape

Part of the challenge of running a bakery is that you're selling all different sizes and shapes of goods.

You may need a small bag for a donut or bagel, a nearly-square box for layer cakes, and a large rectangle for sheet cakes or a dozen baked goods. Creating a single logo for packaging that would look good on all of these sizes and shapes would be difficult. However, labels are so easy to create that you can utilize a variety of labels to make a custom-printed look that features a stunning full-color image.

Add Promotions When You Need Them

Labels are an incredibly versatile promotional tool.
You can add them to a package or leave them off to create a different mood or message for your customers. If you'd like to offer a coupon on a particular type of order -- for instance, a dozen donuts -- then you can utilize a label to attach a printed coupon to draw added attention to the offer. The label itself could become the offer, too. You could have a batch of labels printed offering "10% Off, Tomorrow Only" and then be able to pull out this promotion anytime sales are experiencing a bit of a slump.

Operational Labels

You can also use labels within your business to classify items at a glance.

For instance, a tiny sticker that denotes which day of the week a particular item was baked, or showing a 'Sell by' date. Write-on labels and waterproof labels are available based on your particular needs and are a great way to keep your business organized and running smoothly.

In this particular instance, Maggie was inspired to create a series of labels for each day of the week to indicate freshness to her customers. She also worked with a designer to envision a new look for her packaging that included a single-color package and full-color labels that added a pop of color and plenty of personality to her baked goods. Since people "eat with their eyes" it made good business sense for the packaging to be as appealing as possible!

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