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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Be a better designer in 2018

        Be A Better Designer In 2021

Make 2021 the year you take your design skills to the next level with these tutorials and tips.

For designers, the start of a new year sees us setting fresh goals and pledging to experiment with a new piece of software, master a tool or technique, brush up on creative theories and knowledge, and look to land new clients. 

So to help you to up your design game, we're lending you a helping hand with this round-up of the best design skills, theories, and practical tips to ensure that you become a better designer in 2021.
All of our guides and tutorials have been broken down into easy to navigate sections, so whether you want to improve your software skills, master a new design theory, or even start that side project you've been sitting on for ages, you'll find something here to help you on your way.

Software skills
Since its release, Illustrator CC has become the go-to tool for plenty of designers. Learn how to make the most of this premier graphics design tool with these tutorials – covering the basics, tools and features, text effects, illustration techniques, logo and icon design, advanced techniques and more.

Photoshop continues to be the design software of choice for millions of designers. We've rounded up the best Photoshop tutorials for everyone from beginners to expert users – covering tools, techniques and effects – so you're bound to learn something new!

Cinema 4D is one of the most popular 3D animation, modelling and rendering platforms. Master the basics of modelling and animating simple characters with the software and work your way up to advanced animation techniques with these Cinema 4D tutorials.

Adobe's Creative Cloud 3D motion graphics and animation software, After Effects, is a popular way to bring your work to life. These tutorials will show you how to get started with After Effects and work your way up to creating special effects.

It's easier than ever to implement responsive web design thanks to a wealth of useful tools. We've rounded up 10 of the best, to help you make your website look amazing on any device.

Have you always wanted to make an app but not known where to start? It's an increasingly vital skill, so make sure you crack app-making for iPhone, iPad, Android and desktop with the help of this tutorial.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Tips On How To Ensure Versatility Of Your Logo Design


A company’s logo design is used on various marketing strategies. A logo appears in various sizes ranging from as big as billboards to tiny ones like on a business card, pens and stickers. Therefore, a logo must be scalable. It should also appear impressive in both color as well as black & white versions.
All types of businesses use logos as an effective marketing tool. People usually recall a business by seeing its logo on products and on advertisements. We can say that logos take business messages to the people and help the companies in converting the viewers into potential buyers.

However, success of a logo design largely depends on its quality of being versatile. This means that the logo must look equally great on all sizes of products. So, the logo must look impressive not only on big scales of large billboards to the size of a stamp. The logo must not lose its shape, size, colors, fonts, and other vital elements in all sizes. This is one of the basics of logo design.

A logo is printed on larger billboards or on fairly smaller advertising products such as pens, stickers, rubber stamps and business cards. In addition, the same logo must also look impressive on pixel based media such as websites and web banners. Business owners can use such versatile logos on a wide range of ads and products or services. Clearly, the businesses should be able to reproduce the logo in its varied sizes.

Versatility is one of the most essential quality of a good logo design. In the 21st century, brands are highly visible. They are exposed to a wide range of media. Most of the brands are actively projected on social media pages. This means that a logo should appear great on all the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Another reason why your logo should be versatile is that it helps create your brand identity. So, a logo should look good when printed on the top of a letterhead, business card, mobile app icon, etc.

A versatile logo is cost-effective. It saves you money and time as you do not necessarily have to create separate logos for different media ads and products. Since, the same logo goes for all ads and promotion ranging from large billboards and smallest stamp size ads; you get to save a considerable amount. Additionally, your printing cost decreases manifold when you use fewer colors in the logo.

Here Are Some Tips To Create A Versatile Logo

01. Consider The Details

While designing your logo, consider how much detail should go in it. The details of lines, colors, fonts etc. are necessary to convey the business message. But too many details may create printing troubles for a logo.

If the details are minute such as delicate or skinny lines and too many colors, then these may disappear when printed. These details may appear as broken shapes when printed in small sizes. So, it is advisable to keep only fewer details that are extremely necessary for the logo.

A logo with fewer details will save your production cost of graphic design items. For example, your overall cost of a business card design will be lower to produce it if the logo that you print on the card is also a simple design.

02. Pay Attention To The Space

If a logo design has the white space, or negative space, it must be created carefully. The white space between the two elements should be consistent. This means that the space should not be too close as it may lead to elements overlapping each other when the logo is printed. And if the space distance is too big, the viewers may not find an association between the elements and the logo may fail to communicate well with the viewers.

03. Use Gradients Selectively

Opt for gradients only when they can contribute to the overall quality and appeal of the design. Avoid choosing too light tints as such tints usually disappear when printed and the logo appears in white color scheme only.

Do not necessarily opt for too dark tints as they may appear too solid and patchy when printed. In fact, too dark tints create a muddy look for the logo when printed on a newspaper. Take note of the fact that some reproduction processes do not accommodate use of gradients very well.

04. Create Logo Without Colors

Another sign of a versatile logo is that it appears impressive in both colors and without colors. This is because a logo is printed on newspapers, magazines, faxed copies, etc. in black and white. So, the logo must retain its uniqueness when printed without colors. This will ensure better logo and brand identity design of the business symbol.

A trick to create a versatile logo that looks impressive in black and white is to create it first without colors. When designing the logo, first create it in black and white only. It is only when you are satisfied with the design that you should fill colors in it. As a graphic designer, you should take a logo and get approval. Then, incorporate colors after getting the approval.
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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

 Brilliant Yard Sign Ideas

Yard signs are affordable, lightweight and incredibly portable, so it’s not surprising that both small and large businesses use them to target passersby and local customers.

However, as with any other marketing tool, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration to make your lawn signs as effective as possible. Before you order your signs, make sure the text is large and legible and the color scheme is bold and visually appealing. The overall design should be simple yet memorable.

Thanks to their versatility, yard signs can be used for countless promotional and practical applications. We thought we’d share some examples of unexpectedly brilliant yard sign designs that have passed through our doors.

Real Estate 



With so many real estate agents using yard signs to market properties for sale or for lease, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition. Here are some of our favorite tips for real estate yard signs that get noticed:

*Choose a distinctive shape and/or size. For example, a 24” x 36” sign is not one you see every day, and the extra room allows you to increase font size for more visible text. Remember, a larger size should not be taken as an invitation to include as much information as possible. Your sign should focus on one or two key messages, whether it’s advertising your company or attracting potential buyers

 *Put some thought into your color scheme. If you specialize in luxury properties, pick an understated color like navy blue or burgundy. If  you live in a sports town, incorporate the local team’s color into your signs. 

 *If you focus on starter homes, include a persuasive tagline like “Buying Your First Home? We Can Help” to let clients know you’ll be with them every step of the way.

Garage Sale 


Advertise your yard sale with a sturdy yard sign! Each weekend, plenty of garage sale enthusiasts drive around looking to spend money, and you don’t want them to miss yours. Stick to a bold color scheme that is noticeable from afar (like red and white) and for added impact, use an unexpected shape like an octagon or star.

Political Campaign


Name recognition can make all the difference on election day, which is why candidate lawn signs are such a staple of campaigning. Make sure you keep plenty in stock at your campaign headquarters to sell or hand out to volunteer and supporters. Your signs should include your name, of course, the office you are seeking and, if you have additional space, a memorable slogan, endorsement or campaign website URL.





Help keep your home secure by displaying lawn security signs that serve as powerful deterrents to unwanted visitors. A durable, professionally-made sign is an inexpensive investment that should be a part of any home security system. You can also order custom yard signs to discourage specific behavior, such as door-to-door soliciting, walking across your lawn or parking in front of your driveway.

Parties and Celebrations 


Add a little extra flair to your next gathering by ordering a personalized yard sign! Whether you are hosting a birthday party at your house or a summer BBQ at the local park, a brightly colored yard sign makes it easier for guests to find the right location. Depending on the size of the event, you may want multiple signs directing people toward the food stations, trash, and restrooms.



Let the neighbors know that your proud of your son or daughters graduation. Whether it's Grammer School, Middle School, or High School.Your children will feel good for what they accomplished.

Non Profit Organizations


Make it easy to make a difference. Set up a secure donation box outside your office or negotiate with a local shopping center to install one in a highly trafficked area. Place sturdy yard signs in the area that point toward the donation box and include a few bullet points and/or image that clearly explains how the donations will be used.

QR Code 


Bring this timeless marketing tool into the smartphone age with a QR code! You can use a free online QR generator to create a code to print on your signs. Link the QR code to a specific page created just for this purpose so you’re able to track the sign’s effectiveness.

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