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Monday, October 11, 2021

                 Breast Cancer Awareness Month
As President of the Print Cafe of LI & a Former Breast Cancer Survivor I Want All Women at Home & in Business to know that a Breast Cancer diagnosis and disease is as different and unique as the countless women across Long Island that have been effected by the illness.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at varying stages in their lives. Everyone knows someone who has been touched and possibly transformed by the illness. Breast Cancer is not a women's disease but it effects the entire family unit, your personal relationships, and your professional life as well. Anita will share her personal story, chock full of information, and advice to help guide women and families through this life changing experience.

Understanding The 5 Areas of Breast Cancer

1-Know the Risk Factors, they are not always what you believe or have been told, Career Women have a 70% higher risk of developing Breast Cancer. is it greater stress, lack of sleep, a delayed pregnancy? 

2-Know the 0-4 Stages, and why mammograms and self breast cancer exams can detect it early.

3-Understand what grading means, this refers to the aggressiveness of the actual breast cancer cells and will be a big factor in your treatment. 

4-How do the Hormones, effect the growth of cancer and what hormonal therapies are used to reduce the influence of hormones, and what drug is prescribed based upon your age. 

5-Prevention, Lastly, how about trying to prevent it from happening in the first place, it that is at all possible. Review your diet, your lifestyle, pay attention to family trends, reduce stress, avoid toxins, perhaps consider a career change, get more sleep

Here Are Some Helpful Resources

* of information on the disease-diagnosis-chemo-risks

*, medical information-screening, signs and symptoms-also gives scholarships to student that had a family member who had cancer. $5000.00

* Safe haven for cancer patients and families-including emotional support- accurate info (516) 374-2385

* world of Pink, Bras, and Prosthetics (516)513-1275

* on self breast exams-preventive guidance (631)524-5151

* on how to prevent cancer

* Baldwin Breast Cancer Organization (631) 444-4302

* treatments-at the Racine Salon in West Islip free of charge-massage, makeup, wig support, yoga, eyelashes, and pedicures

*-www.wigsand Free wigs while undergoing cancer

* wigs and head coverings

* and support (516) 740-8620

*-Northwell Hospital Breast Cancer- Support and Guidance, Sandra Caparco (516)734-8744

*-NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center-(212) 731-6000

For More Information on This Topic Contact Anita at: 516-606-8074 or Email: