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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

7 Things You Need for 

Your Real Estate Yard Sign

Branding Technology may have given several advanced methods for marketing. However, when it comes to real estate, yard signs are the most popular and simplest choice for marketing. Real estate agents love them for the fact that they always work. Whether you want to sell a house, rent it out or organize an open house, real estate agents use yard signs for all these purposes. 

Whether you have an established business or are a new agent, it is essential to include your brand in your marketing collateral. Whether you are using decals or banners, always add the name and logo of your business.

If you are a reputed business, seeing your familiar logo will automatically attract the crowd. By implementing and using a singular logo/name for your business, buyers will know a specific property is a part of your business instead of a random landlord. Adding your logo to the yard signs is a simple yet effective way to establish yourself as a trusted real estate agent.

Experiment With Shapes

Do you want your yard signs to stand out from others in the neighborhood? Look for a shape different from the usual rectangular ones. For instance, you can get a new design by simply turning your sign by 45 degrees. You will get a diamond shape that will instantly attract the attention of the drivers passing by. If you don’t like that idea, maybe choose a circular or oval shape instead.

Remember to select a shape that can contain all the information you wish you display. You do not want to make your email id run into the following line. Ask the vendor to give you different digital options to give you an idea of how it will look. This can help you make an informed decision on how you want your sign designed.

Modern Designs

When someone thinks of a yard sign for real estate deals, the image of a smiling agent clad in a blazer comes to mind. However, you do not have to stick to this idea. You can design a graphic to go in the place of the standard agent photo. To stand out, get creative and have fun with it.

Instead of using the traditional designs, you can choose a bright or minimalistic layout. Include your logo with easy to read yet stylized text. You can easily create a template on Canva or any other similar tool. 


Most real estate yard signs only have text on them. You can go the extra mile and add pictures to yours. For example, you could have an image of one of your agents shaking hands with a client on your sign. There are no set-in-stone rules when it comes to marketing. The more unique you are, the more memorable you will be.

You can include a picture of the interior of a house to let the sign speak for itself. Potential customers can never make out how a property looks from the inside. Including a picture on the yard sign will give them a glimpse of the house and pique their interest.

Commercial Signs

If you are selling a commercial property or land, the usual yard signs may not work for your marketing. The standard size, which is about 24 inches, may look very small on a massive piece of land. Instead, try to customize the size to a much larger one to justify the size of the land.

Large signs will also have more visibility, considering the property’s sheer size may be overpowering. So consider getting a larger banner or flag to place on the property. Have it facing the road or sidewalk, that way people passing by will be more likely to read it.


Technology can be your biggest ally when used wisely. Instead of classic yard signs, try to make them high-tech for maximum ROI. The easiest thing you can do is add a QR code to access the information about the property. With these QR codes, you will also be able to maintain an automatic log of interested buyers.

Another option is to use LED lights instead of clamp-on lights, which look high-tech and welcoming. Not to mention, the lights will make the sign visible in places with low-light or at night time.

Open House Signs

When you are organizing an open house, it is essential to have a separate sign. You may think you will be inviting nosy neighbors this way, but the more the merrier. Interested buyers are uncomfortable walking into an unknown property alone. An open house allows them to walk in confidently and explore the possibility of buying the house.

You can either use banners or a classic yard sign for an open house. You can go minimalistic, have an elegant monochrome color scheme, or even use your team picture on the open house sign. Just make sure it stands out from your usual yard sign to advertise that it is an open house.


Even in this age of social media and television commercials, yard signs are the best choice for real estate agents. The advantage of using yard signs is that they are long-lasting and you can use them for all your deals. By incorporating these marketing methods, you can grab the attention of your potential customers while standing out from the competition.

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