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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Comparing Direct Mail 

and Email Marketing

Like direct mail marketing, email marketing involves sending out marketing information to targeted demographics. Are you wondering which method suits your advertising needs best? 

Both methods offer a significant return on investment (ROI), but those using direct mail through the U.S. Post Office have deemed direct mail extremely effective. A survey by the Association of National Advertisers revealed that direct mail produced a 112% ROI, while email marketing produced only 93%. 

Let's take a closer look at the difference between direct mail and email marketing. 

What is direct mail?

Direct mail uses physical, printed materials as the focus of the marketing campaign.

The printed materials are sent directly to potential customers and may include postcards, letters, brochures, and catalogs. 

Local businesses benefit significantly from using direct mail marketing strategies because the mailers are sent through the post office into the mailboxes of all community members living in the demographic area. For example, a roofing company can benefit from sending direct mail materials to homeowners in subdivisions they want to work in. 

What are the benefits of direct mail marketing? 

Direct mail marketing offers business owners various items that can be used to connect with existing customers and be introduced to new consumers in the community.

Using direct mail provides many benefits to business owners using this type of marketing campaign, including the following: 


Direct mail puts a physical object in the consumer's hand, giving them something they can feel, see, and maybe hang on their refrigerator.


Receiving something in the mail makes it more memorable than seeing a single line in the email.


Mailers are more likely to be read, where many emails are instantly deleted when recipients read the subject line.


Traditional advertising channels are more trusted than digital ones, with the Silent Generation showing the highest trust in direct mail at 83%, followed by Baby Boomers at 80%, Generation X at 77%, and Millenials at 70%.

What is email marketing?

In contrast to direct mail, email marketing doesn't involve printing and mailing physical promotional materials.

Instead, this marketing strategy uses emails sent directly to consumers and subscribers. 

Email marketing can promote sales, keep you in contact with customers, and announce new products and services. 

What are the benefits of email marketing?


Email marketing has a quick turnaround time, which can help when there is a last-minute deal to share with consumers.


One of the most significant benefits of email marketing is it costs less because there is no need for printing materials or paying for postage. And when you are first getting started, this can be a significant factor in your choice.

However, it's worth taking into consideration that the ROI from email marketing is less than that for direct mail marketing campaigns.

While both direct mail and email marketing have their merits, the choice should align with your marketing plan. Although email marketing offers convenience, direct mail marketing strategies bring higher ROIs and consumer trust.

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