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Monday, April 11, 2022

Leading Vs. Kerning … What Are They

and Why Are They Important In Printing? 

When it comes to creating or integrating graphic design, you need to fully understand the intricacies and attention to detail required to make your work stand out. Whether you are looking for a free vector image for commercial use or digital printing in NYC, knowing more about the process of graphic design and what makes a good design stand out is important when searching for “digital printing near me.” 

In this article, we will take a closer look at two important graphic design techniques: leading and kerning. We will identify what each technique is, how they differ from each other, and why they are important when considering any type of graphic design printing. 

Leading Vs. Kerning

Leading and kerning, which are frequently used in conjunction with tracking, are used in typography and graphic design creation. Both techniques improve the appearance of a piece of text, however, there are a few key differences between leading vs kerning.

Instead of altering the font's appearance through different font styles, leading and kerning are used to address how the type appears when placed in a specific environment.

A well-done leading and kerning job can significantly improve the legibility and clarity of any piece of text, be it a logo or wordmark, an entire web page, or a print advertisement. The correct application of kerning and leading ensures that the reader's eye can easily move over the text and absorb the information quickly.

Both kerning and leading are used to manipulate the spacing between words in a piece of text. Kerning is concerned with the space between two characters or letters in a sentence (horizontal spacing) while leading is the process of filling in the vertical gaps between lines of text (vertical spacing). 

When writing magazine articles, blog pages, and other elements of written work, leading is often critical in maintaining readability.

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What Is Kerning?

Kerning adjusts the spacing between characters. Some letter combinations have too much or too little space between them, making it difficult to read some letters. Kerning reduces this issue by controlling the space between characters. The term refers to adjusting the spacing between letters to create a more pleasant font. 

In short, kerning is the process of adding or removing space between characters to produce proportional spacing in the desired environment. Known as kerning pairs, some letters require frequent kerning. Without kerning, the gap between characters can be seen, requiring more care. It takes skill to kern a typeface such that the text appears natural.

What Is Leading?

Leading is a space-focused feature of typeface design and typography management. The term "leading" relates to old-fashioned printing machines where extra lead lines were placed between text lines to enhance line spacing.

Leading helps establish clarity in a text. Using a font with more flourishes or distinctive elements may necessitate greater line spacing. This extra gap helps readability without blending items.

Leading focuses on the overall image of the text in block format rather than moving individual characters or letters. It's standard in magazines, newspapers, blogs, and other branded content.

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When looking for a free vector image for use, paying attention to details of any typography can help you assess the vector's overall design concerning how the finished design will look.

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