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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Top 10 Promotional Giveaways for Savvy Companies

Top 10 Promotional Giveaways 

for Savvy Companies 

Look around your home or office and you will find mugs, magnets, and bags sporting the logo of your favorite teams, businesses, organizations, school, or employer. Promotional giveaways are everywhere, and research tells us that more than 70% of recipients remember the name of the company that gave them a particular product. Savvy companies know how to leverage the best promotional items to cement relationships and stay visible.

To find the best solutions as a print reseller, consider offering some of these perennial favorites to your clients: custom tote bag 4over trade printer blog

    1. Customizable Tote Bags:

      Talk to clients about these visibility enhancers. In many cities and towns, one-time use bags have been banned or require a fee, making branded tote bags one of the most thoughtful and useful promotional items! The best tote bags come packed with other giveaways, so consider the other items on this list to fill up that beautiful bag.
    2. Promotiona T-Shirts:

      Everyone loves T-shirts. They should be part of every employee welcome package and team event. They also help promote upcoming events and celebrate successes. Make them part of a multi-channel campaign by encouraging shirt-featuring selfies that can win the wearers additional promotional items!custom mug 4over trade printer blog

    3. Custom Promotional Mugs:

      Whether it holds coffee, tea, or pencils and pens, mugs are practical billboards. With a wraparound design, there is a generous amount of printable real estate to accommodate text and graphics that keep logos and messages front and center.

    4. Customizable Promotional Mugs:

      Every mug needs a practical partner! Drink coasters come in circles and squares, opening the door to diverse designs. You can even make it a game—multiple designs that form puzzle pieces can lead to other promotional items that keep the story going.

    5. Puzzles:

      With five sizes to choose from, puzzles can be just the ticket to creating engagement in a team or community. Custom-printed puzzles can carry a message or showcase products. Make it a collectible by adding time- and event-specific images, with new options available every quarter or every year.custom magnets 4over trade printer blog

    6. Promotional Magnets:

      The wonderful thing about magnets is that they can stick to a refrigerator, a notice board, or any other metal surface. They are mini billboards that carry reminders and promotional messages. Paired with mugs, T-shirts, and tote bags, they create a strong branding package!

    7. Promotional Keychains:

      We call them keychains, but they open the door to so much more! They can carry a logo or message that hangs from a backpack, tote, or laptop bag—with or without keys. They can even be used as clever zipper pulls for luggage or jackets.

    8. Custom Printed Mouse Pads:

      These stain-resistant foam pads are great for mice, but they can serve even more functions. For retail environments they can enhance the surface for receiving and giving payment, mark locations for product pickup, or create separation in public spaces. Think of them as your all-purpose mini billboard.

    9. Mirrors:

      With an assortment of sizes and shapes, mirrors are those little conveniences that are always appreciated. Add a message and contact information and they can serve as a brand reminder or even a business card!

    10. Promotional Buttons:

      Pin-back and magnet-back buttons are versatile messengers. They are often used to indicate a business or roles. They can identify award winners, classes, and departments. They are the most versatile solution to help customers know who to engage with! Perfect for trade shows and events, a button is a cost-effective way to raise visibility.Contact us today to get started! 516-561-1468 or FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ANY OF OUR MARKETING PRODUCTS GO TO:

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