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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

 Print Is Not Dead: 5 Graphic Design Magazines You Should Subscribe Today

Living in a digital world makes everything easier including finding graphic design inspiration. Holding a magazine and leafing through the pages may seem a little obsolete in 2020 but gaining inspiration from digital sources can not top the feeling of the traditional, physical experiences.

The amount of online resources you can find is exciting. Also, we can’t argue that online resources have become our main source of inspiration and information in every aspect imaginable. Yet still, there is something special about waiting for the monthly subscription of your favorite magazine to arrive or discovering new resources in your neighborhood bookstore.

After all, the print is not dead. Graphic design magazines full of value-rich content and inspiration are still available. In light of this unbeatable pleasure, we curated our top graphic designer magazine picks around the world.

Top 5 Graphic Design Magazines for Print Lovers


Disegno has a unique view on graphic design and can be counted among one of the world’s leading design magazines. Disegno’s colorful content not only covers graphic design but also touches on fields like architecture, technology, and fashion. The magazine features in-depth independent reporting, critical writing on design as well as academic analysis, reviews, and interviews.

Even skimming through the pages of Disegno is a satisfying experience with its text over remarkable photography. This quarterly London-based magazine is internationally available both in printed and digital versions in April, June, September, and November.

Founded in 1957, form offers a holistic coverage of industrial, graphic, and hybrid designs. The magazine is divided into three sections: Filter, Focus, and Files. The Filter mainly consists of the latest design trends and information about design-related events and conventions.

The Focus covers a comprehensive analysis of that individual issue’s key topic. The Files is a combination of international discussions and reviews. Its high-quality content is mainly geared towards designers, students, and architects. form is published every two months both in printed and digital versions. The magazine is available in German and English languages and offers an annual subscription plan along with a subscription gift as well as individual back issues.

It’s not a big surprise that this one is one of the best selling magazines in the United States. Juxtapoz can be considered one of the most exciting design magazines on our list with its psychedelic, underground approach.
It was first published in 1994 with the mission of celebrating urban alternative and underground contemporary art by combining diverse genres together such as street art and conceptual art. Juxtapoz covers diverse mediums including photography, painting, fashion, and installations. Each issue is published with two different cover images, newsstand and subscribers only versions.


Published since 1990, Eye magazine is a goldmine for professional designers and design enthusiasts aspiring to read about the international design scene, design history, and new media with its informative critical writings.

Being full of inspiration and visual culture makes Eye one of the most popular design magazines available. Published quarterly, this London-based magazine not only inspires its readers but also educates them with its in-depth articles and analysis of design history.


Wrap puts the spotlight on some of the best up-and-coming artists, illustrators, and designers, giving them a chance to showcase their work.

Published biannually, Wrap also features design tips, interviews with creatives, and a glimpse into the lives of artists.

It comes with five double-sided wrapping paper for each issue and also offers products like greeting cards, and scented candles made in collaboration with favorite artists.

Whether they are in a printed or digital format, digging through graphic design magazines is a great way to gain inspiration and knowledge. If you prefer print over digital, we hope our graphic design magazine selection will help you pick at least one to subscribe to.

If you are looking for more in-depth resources other than magazines to inspire you and learn more about graphic design be sure to check out our article about graphic design books, which is full of great suggestions.

What are your favorite graphic design magazines that you love to read the most? Share your thoughts in the comments section!



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