Print Cafe of LI, Inc

Print Cafe of LI, Inc

Friday, September 14, 2018

Presentation/Pocket Folders

Presentation/Pocket Folders "Don't Leave the Office Without One"

Show Your Potential Customers What Your Company is all About

Pockets folders are a great way to keep all your marketing materials organized and readily available, when showing a potential customer what products your company offers. They come in many sizes starting with the standard 9 x 12 with one or two pockets. Pocket folders are also great for meetings, keeping all your importnat information on hand and ready for you to pass out.

Pocket Folder Sizes

Besides the standard 9 x 12 size the Print Cafe of LI offers other sizes like the 8.5 x 14 legal size. Most of these are used by mortgage companies, banks, and law firms. Another popular folder is the reinfoced capacity folder which has a 1/2" spine in order to accomodate several pages of documents. The Print Cafe of LI, also produces custom made folders, as an example we have the Glove Compartment Folder we print for Competition BMW of Smithtown.

This Folder is designed to hold the BMW Car Manual and any other important documents. This folder size is 7" x 10" wide and opens on the horizontal side. All our folders come in various stock thickness, with a variety of finishes like high gloss UV or Matte coating. Other specialities like gold or silver foil imprinting and die embossing are available. For more of our informative blogs go to:



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