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Friday, September 21, 2018

How Does a 26" x 40" Printed Sheet Get Down to a Finished Size of 5" x 6"?

How Does a  26" x 40" Printed Sheet Get Down to a Finished Size of 5" x 6"?

The only way to print 150,000 Starbucks Gift Cards economically is by gang printing them on a large sheet. By printing 24 up-5" x 6" gift cards on a 26" x 40" sheet we are able to print approximately 6,250- 26" x 40" sheets on two sides. The graphics on the left side of the sheet above when turned over and loaded back into the press, will be printed a second time. The end result will be backed up with the graphics on the right. This will complete the printing of the two sided gift card. 
The next step on the road to a finished product will be to cut the big sheet into four parts. This will be done with a high tech computerized guillotine cutter and the next size will be 12.5" x 19". This size will yield 6 up-5" x 6" gift cards that will then be ready for die-cutting. 
Die-cutting is a process where you can cut out, an ordinary square, rectangle, circle, or any designed shape out of a sheet of paper. This is usually done after the printing process is complete and the ink is thoughly dried, preferably the next day. The Print Cafe of LI, Inc. uses die-cutting in conjunction with offset and digital printing. Products such as door hangars, pocket folders, table tents, and of course custom products like the Starbucks gift cards. 
The photo above shows the front of the die. This side is where the paper goes between the die and the press platen. It gets compressed and the result is a punched out card. The die itself is made from sharp steel rules and creasing rules for scoring. The red rubber surrounding the steel or creasing rules is to eject the paper or separate it from the steel rules so it doesn't stick to them. The photo below shows a finished 5" x 6" Starbucks gift card.
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